Hi! Welcome to this website.

My name is TORA, a Japanese travel lover who has been to more than 40 countries around the world. All of the natures, cultures and people in each country were impressive for me, and I have realized once again that the world is so huge and wonderful. At the same time I think that Japan is very unique country. For example, most of the Japanese do not hesitate to allow other cultures from foreign countries, and love each seasonal scenery such as cherry-blossom in spring.

When I traveled in Morocco, I was asked by a local person if I believed in God. He was surprised to hear my answer, “Yes. We have 8 million deities!”. Actually there are myriads of deities and human-like stories among them in Japanese myth. They have huge power giving birth to the islands of Japan and other deities, but on the other hand they do not hesitate to make love and sometimes kill other deities. They are not perfect. However, I think that tolerance of the imperfection enabled our ancestors to allow other cultures and religions from foreign countries. Currently there are many Buddhist temples, Christian churches and Muslim mosques in Japan.

When I was a company employee, a colleague from Germany said “The Japanese are very strange. You are pleased to see each blooming plant such as plum, peach and cherry in spring and have a party to enjoy them.” In addition, we usually enjoy the red leaves and a full moon in autumn. Many Japanese love each seasonal scenery. I think it may be a unique culture that cannot be seen in foreign countries.

I have created this website to introduce unique cultures and natures in Japan from my perspective. I will be so happy if many travelers are interested in our country and we have mutual understandings.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.