Hakone used to be known as a post-town with a checking station called “Sekisho” on the Edo-era Tokaido highway, but nowadays it is a popular tourist spot which is easy to access from Tokyo. It is famous for its hot springs and great view of Mt. Fuji.



As there are many places to see in Hakone, I would like you to stay overnight rather than make a day trip.

Hot Springs
There are some hot springs in Hakone area. If you are planning to visit by train, “Hakone-Yumoto” or “Gora” is a nice place to stay and enjoy hot springs. If you go by car, you have other choices such as “Sengokuhara”.

Owakudani & Lake Ashinoko Cruise
Many tourists enjoy the following sightseeing loop.

You should check some special sightseeing passes to go around Hakone.

Hiking on the Old Hakone Highway
Let me introduce my favorite hiking course in Hakone. After getting to “Hatajuku” by bus from “Hakone-Yumoto” or “Moto-Hakone” port, you can start hiking on the old Hakone highway leading to”Hakone Sekisho“, a checking station operated during the Edo era. It must be also great experience for you to take a rest at the traditional teahouse on the way, which is called “Amazake-ja-ya“.


If you are planning to go to Hakone from Tokyo, the private Odakyu line is useful which runs into Hakone from Shinjuku station. If you go there from the western area in Japan, you should take a bullet train “Shinkansen” and change trains at Odawara station to Hakone Tozan Railway.

Travel Route

When I lived in Tokyo, I often visited Hakone to have a relaxed time. Let me introduce a route which enables you to enjoy all of my recommendations for your reference.

Day Move Sightseeing Stay
1 Shinjuku -> Hakone-Yumoto (Odakyu line) Hot Springs Hakone
2 Hakone-Yumoto -> Sounzan (Hakone Tozan Railway)
Sounzan -> Owakudani -> Togendai (Hakone Ropeway)
Togendai -> Moto-Hakone port (Hakone Sightseeing Cruise)
Moto-Hakone port -> Hakone-Yumoto (Hakone Tozan Bus)
Lake Ashinoko
3 Hakone-Yumoto -> Hatajuku (Hakone Tozan Bus)
Hatajuku -> Moto-Hakone port (Hiking)
Moto-Hakone port -> Hakone-Yumoto (Hakone Tozan Bus)
Old Highway
Hakone Sekisho
4 Hakone-Yumoto -> Odawara (Hakone Tozan Bus)
Odawara -> Next (train/bus)