If you go eastward from Shiretoko, you will find Notsuke Peninsula and Nemuro Peninsula. Notsuke Peninsula, the largest sandbank in Japan, has the wonderful flower fields and unique withered trees such as Narawara and Todowara. Nemuro Peninsula is famous for the easternmost point of Japan, Cape Nosappu, and some typical natures at the base.



Betsukai Sightseeing Boat
There is a sightseeing boat cruise at Odaito Port so that you can enjoy the view of Notsuke Peninsula and Shiretoko mountain range from the sea. There are some courses such as a round trip to Todowara and a guided tour of the peninsula including a one-way cruise to Todowara, walking around Todowara, and driving back to Odaito Port via Narawara. When I visited here, I could not walk around Todowara because the wooden path in Todowara had been broken due to the bad weather. Also, there are harbor seals in Notsuke bay, and you have a chance to see them from the boat in summer.
I have a recommended restaurant near the port. That is Shiraho, where you can enjoy “Tendon“, a bowl of rice topped with deep‐fried shrimps (local specialty of Odaito).
アザラシ 白帆さんの天丼

Notsuke Peninsula
Notsuke Peninsula is the largest sandbank in Japan located between Shiretoko and Nemuro. The road running through the curved peninsula is called flower road, where you can enjoy many flowers from May to October. If you drive a car in the flower fields, you will find Narawara, the standing withered oak trees due to seawater, at the middle of the peninsula. You should park your car at Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center which has a monument of the peninsula, and then go ahead on foot or horse-drawn carriage. The path through green fields with flowers leads you to Todowara, a field of withered fir trees washed by seawater, where the bleak scenery like the ends of the earth is spread out.

Nemuro Peninsula
Cape Nosappu, the easternmost point of Japan, is located at the tip of Nemuro Peninsula. There are also some typical natures at the base of the peninsula such as Lake Furen where many swans visit and Kurumaishi, a wheel shaped rock with a diameter of 6m.
I would like to recommend a local dish in Nemuro called escalope, butter rice topped with pork cutlets and special sauce. Dorian is the most famous restaurant to try it.
風蓮湖 エスカロップ

Akkeshi is a small town between Nemuro and Kushiro, and famous for its oyster. I visited Akkeshi Station to have a oyster rice lunch box in a rainy day during my trip. You can not only take out as a lunch box but also eat it in the restaurant.


I think it is the best way for you to rent a car at Nakashibetsu or Kushiro Airport. Some websites show you the detail of Notsuke (Betsukai) and Nemuro.

Travel Route

During my trip in 2015 I stayed at Betsukai-cho Fureai Camp Site to visit Notsuke and Nemuro Peninsula. The camp site is inexpensive and so comfortable since there is a hot spring nearby. Let me introduce my travel route below for your reference.

 Day Move Sightseeing Stay
1 Abashiri -> Betsukai (car) Betsukai
2 around Notsuke (car) Betsukai Sightseeing Boat
Flower Road
3 around Nemuro (car) Lake Furen
Cape Nosappu
Kurumaishi (Wheel Shaped Rock)
4 Akkeshi Station (car): rainy Oyster Rice Box Betsukai